Joint Fires Services

A global leader in the entire spectrum of JF, we deliver to the highest standards accommodating all formations from Armoured to SOF we offer:

  - Joint Fires Staff Officers Course (JFSO)

  - Special Forces Observers Course (SFOC)

  - Joint Fires Observer (JFO)

  - Naval Gunfire Support Observer (NGSO)

  - Basic Fire Support Observer

  - Advanced Fire Support Observer

  - Mortar Fire Controller (MFC)

  - Targeting Fusion Cell Course (TFCC)

 JTAC Services

The premier JTAC training provider, with exceptional past performance in this field SAITS can provide the following programs

  - Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

  - Special Forces JTAC course and continuation training

  - SF Close Combat Attack Controller (SFCCAC)

  - Close Combat Attack Aware (CCAA)

  - Emergency Close Air Support (ECAS)

  - Pre Course Screening (PCS)

Special Tactics Services

With world leading Special Tactics Training SMES we can provide the specialist skills you require to complete your task.  The programs include

- Combat Search and Rescue

- Basic Operators Course

- Tactical Medic Course

- Advanced Weapon Transition 

- Kali fighting system

- Quick Reaction Force Course

- Helicopter Handlers Course

- Helicopter Assault Course


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