Joint Fires Services

A global leader in the entire spectrum of JF, we deliver to the highest standards accommodating all formations from Armoured to SOF we offer:

  - Joint Fires Staff Officers Course (JFSO)

  - Special Forces Observers Course (SFOC)

  - Joint Fires Observer (JFO)

  - Naval Gunfire Support Observer (NGSO)

  - Basic Fire Support Observer

  - Advanced Fire Support Observer

  - Mortar Fire Controller (MFC)

  - Targeting Fusion Cell Course (TFCC)

 JTAC Services

The premier JTAC training provider, with exceptional past performance in this field SAITS can provide the following programs

  - Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

  - Special Forces JTAC course and continuation training

  - SF Close Combat Attack Controller (SFCCAC)

  - Close Combat Attack Aware (CCAA)

  - Emergency Close Air Support (ECAS)

  - Pre Course Screening (PCS)

Security Services

With experienced security sector Program Managers (PM) and Operators, SAITS can deliver a plethora of security requirements post on an in-depth assessment of your needs.  With PM with past performance in the establishment of security for logistical and Forward Operating Bases your assets and personnel will be in safe hands with SAITS.

Special Tactics Services

With world leading Special Tactics Training SMES we can provide the specialist skills you require to complete your task.  The programs include

- Combat Search and Rescue

- Basic Operators Course

- Tactical Medic Course

- Advanced Weapon Transition 

- Kali fighting system

- Quick Reaction Force Course

- Helicopter Handlers Course

- Helicopter Assault Course


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