SAITS can provide advanced and continuous training solutions worldwide. Utilising our T.E.A.C.H® approach to operational programs we assess, consult, train and improve performance and increase an organisations combat effectiveness at the tactical, operational and strategic level.


SAITS can offer a wide and varied amount of services within training and consultancy including:

•  Non ITAR compliant

•  Cost effective training and consultancy

•  Expert instruction from SME instructors with recent, credible operational experience in asymmetric and COIN warfare

•  Professional services or training and certification as per lesson plan meeting

JTAC/JFO MOA standards. Bespoke Nationally caveated courses

•  Special Operations Forces (SOF) JTAC and Joint Fires Training and Doctrine 

•  Joint Fires Training and Doctrine

•  Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) Training

•  3D Battlespace Management Training

•  Commanders Air Awareness and Integration Training

•  Operations Room (J3/5) Support and Training

•  Tactical/Video Down Link Training

•  Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Services

•  Airborne Sensing and Surveillance

•  Trials and Field Testing of JTAC/Tactical equipment

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Manpower support
SAITS can also provide ground forces advisors, SOF JTAC-I and Joint Fires SMEs services to nations and organisations that require swift access to trained and operationally experienced Joint Fires personnel in an 'advise and assist‘ role for short and long term deployments in an instructional or operational role. Utilising their plethora of niche skill sets to assist you in gaining the advantage and guiding you to success.