SAITS creates strong partnerships with indigenous Defence Forces and other Government agencies by providing advice on how to re-structure, re-train and re-equip to fight in a every modern warfare  environment.  i.e. stop fighting a low tech enemy with high tech, costly systems and inappropriate structures.

Re-structure (1), SAITS will provide advice and mentoring to all levels of Command and Control (C2) to enable an ergonomic, flexible and efficient fighting force.

Re-train (2), SAITS vast and diverse basis of Instructors utilise skills borne from the Lessons Identified (LI) in high intensity asymmetric warfare in a COIN environment.  Offering unique, combat tested skill sets to enhance the participant’s capability.

Re-equip (3), SAITS offers access to the latest in combat equipment, suited for fighting in any environment using equipment is of the highest quality and combat readiness.

[1] Full details of SAITS consultancy and mentoring services can be requested.
[2] A detailed list of training services provided, is available on request.
[3] List of equipment types is available on request.

Jim Hilton

Years of experience: 30
Position: President & CEO

Mr. Hilton established Specialist Air Integration and Tactical  Solutions Ltd in 2014 to provide Joint Fires and specialist consulting for militaries and Defence forces. He provides the leadership and forward thinking that have got us this far.

“SAITS delivered everything they promised. Our operational capability has been increased tenfold!”


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